Hunter Douglas GreenScreen Sea-Tex®

made with recovered shoreline plastic

Our latest innovation, Greenscreen Sea-Tex® is the world’s first solar control fabric made with recycled ocean plastic waste. The plastic in the Pacific Ocean has created a 'plastic soup' of up to 15 million square kilometres which would take hundreds of years to break down. Helping clean up this waste is one of the world’s most pressing environmental concerns.


The oceans currents have formed 5 gigantic whirlpools where the plastic waste collects. A recent study conservatively estimated that 5.25 trillion plastic pieces are currently floating in the world’s oceans.

Supporting Every Part of your Business

Talk to your local Hunter Douglas Account Mananger about the full range of GreenScreen® shading fabrics and create sustainable value in your business.

"From Plastic to Yarns Heating and spinning together dozens of strands, FLX is defined by its versatility, lustre and durability. GreenScreen Sea-Tex® is flame retardant to the B1 standard."

Waterkeeper Alliance

GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ yarns are made from trash collected by the Waterkeeper Alliance, an international group with 300 chapters in 35 countries. The local chapters manage beach clean-up events and almost 100% of the plastic shoreline trash collected is used to make GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ yarns. In addition, the new Hunter Douglas 'U-Turn' programme also targets beach clean-up events with our employees