We’re inspired by beautiful, highly functional design, which is why we carefully curate market leading products that embrace both classic and contemporary styles. Our thoughtfully developed window treatments feature innovative fabrics that transform light at the window.


Create Something Beautiful

Our talented international design team, including textile creators and material experts, are passionate about creating bespoke consumer centric collections for our customers and dealers.


Unlock Your Signature Style

Our unique Co-creation process produces exciting market leading collections that reflect your signature style with a fast time to market, reliable manufacturing and superb quality. This proven process enables you to create imaginative fabric collections that are distinct from your competitors unique for your brand and consumers.

How the process works

The process starts with an interactive session in our design studio or in your office. It's like having a personal design team who understands your requirements. Together we'll analyse your current collection, review your competitors and explore the latest looks and new future trends. The result is a distinctive brief that ensures your collections stand out in the market. 

Developing Your Design Vision

In the next phase our designers will take the brief and create an imaginative collection concept that includes key trend and colour themes, performance and sustainable criteria, and new fabric or material designs. We’ll blend best-selling and unique looks with a balance of design classics and future trend styles. 

Bringing Your Collection to Life

Once the concept is ready, we'll present the full proposal. In this final session we'll nuance the design details and technical specifications and see how the fabrics look and perform at the window to finalise the collection. 

Your collection digitally available

You can select and store your collection in your digital collection tool PIM. With all detailed fabric and roomset pictures and all fabric data available.

Inspire customers to choose from your collection

Using innovative technology and engaging content, we'll equip your brand with inspiring visualisation technology to build digital collection presentations that enhance the consumers experience and help close sales.

Inspire customers to choose from your collection